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Paper and cardboard recycling

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Recycling & Manufacturing

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Lovell Recycling Limited is a leading supplier of waste management and product manufacturing services in the UK. Our working partnerships span across the globe to facilitate and minimise the financial and environmental impacts of high volume waste.

We design our services to be made easy and they are provided to customers locally and nationally through our efficient collection services. The Lovell team are always on hand to take the stress out of your waste management worries.

No matter whether you are using us to recycle your waste or to buy recycled materials from us, we can supply you with the correct environmental documents to prove your pro-activeness in reducing your carbon footprint, which in-turn may reduce your landfill costs and help to increase your revenue.

The best bit is, you are quite simply taking waste stock and giving it back a value in a green and friendly way!

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  • 60% of UK bin rubbish could
    have been recycled

  • Plastic can take up to
    500 years to decompose

  • Up to 80% of a vehicle can
    be recycled

  • 9/10 people would recycle
    more if it were made easier